Fraud Prevention

Credit Union of Emporia has taken steps to help prevent fraud for our valued members. We offer:

  • 24/7 Fraud monitoring on all debit cards and credit cards

  • EMV “Chip” cards

  • Secure online banking

Information from Federal Trade Commission regarding common scams

Think you may be a victim of Identity Theft?

Tips to Help Protect Yourself and Your Family

Imagine looking at your credit card or bank statement and seeing charges you did not make. Not a good feeling! Here are a few simple steps to keep this from happening to you:

  • Properly discard documents – Shredding your statements and credit card offers helps keep your personal information just that – personal!

  • Carry fewer cards – Try carrying only one or two credit cards. Also, keep a record of the customer service numbers and card numbers so you can block the cards if they are lost or stolen.

  • Never write your PIN down – Memorize your PIN for safety.

  • Keep on guard – Be careful when being asked for your credit card number, social security number, or account number.

  • Don't send mail from your home mailbox - That little red flag is an invitation for a thief to steal your outgoing check; then he has your bank account number and a signature to copy. Instead, drop your bills in the nearest postal service receptacle or leave it at our branch to mail.

  • Review your credit report – A quick viewing can alert you to accounts that are not yours.

  • Reconcile your bank statements every month - Because if any charges are fraudulent, you have a limited time frame to dispute the charges. Once you're past the dispute window, YOU are liable for the charges.

  • Sign up for FCC Alerts - So you always know the latest scams to watch out for.